Xenoblade Chronicles X Has Lots Of New Footage, Info Now


With a Japan-first release schedule for Xenoblade Chronicles X this year, it is that region that gets all the juicy tidbits about game information and gameplay, itself, first. That’s why Japan received a Xenoblade Chronicles X streamed event from Nintendo, detailing a significant chunk of details surrounding the upcoming JRPG.

As most of the information is in Japanese, Nintendo and Japanese gaming news translating aficionado Cheesemeister took to Twitter to relay some of the important details to English-speaking audiences. For example, the game will output at 720p and will sport a whopping 22.7 GB download size in Japan. Ultimately, that means that those planning on picking up Xenoblade Chronicles X will likely need to also get an external hard drive specially formatted for their Wii U.

Furthermore, the stream went into more details about the actual game world, including making an emergency landing on the planet Mira. Characters set up base as New Los Angeles, and will explore the world’s five continents. They’re positioned on Grassland, where they will learn more about Mira through Night Light Forest, Forgotten Canyon, White Forest and Black Steel continents.

It’s a big world to adventure in, and it appears as though you can play with 4 in a party online to do quests, while 32 players can be in the same “realm” at once, reportedly being able to connect with players to “exchange strategic information or items.” Seemingly, it looks to play with bartering or trading on a small-scale trading post.

With an April 29th release date in Japan, and such an extensive world being built in Xenoblade Chronicles X, one has to wonder just how long it will take to localize the game here. As someone who had to do a little bit of working translating and localizing text information for a small-scale MMO, the amount of effort that goes into making large-scale games make sense for an entirely different audience, culturally, can take alot longer than expected. It should be out here by the end of the year, but hopefully it comes out sooner than later.

Xenoblade Chronicles X will be released exclusively on the Wii U, while Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be released on the New Nintendo 3DS XL in North America on April 10th.

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