Here’s An amiibo Tracker Website To Help amiibo Hunters


(Informercial voice) Are you tired of making the arduous trip down to your local gaming retailer store in search of your favorite amiibo figurines, only to find out they’ve all sold out of what you wanted? Are you tired of settling for Donkey Kong, Peach and Mario? Introducing amiibotrackr; a website for USA and Canada designed to help track the latest shipments of all the rarest amiibo figurines!

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On a serious note, the website has a very simple function, with a simpler layout. After picking a country, a list of amiibos are laid out by wave order, with a picture of each figurine and their proper title designation. Clicking on the actual amiibo will bring you to a list of the major retailers per country, indicating if the product you want is available in which stores. Get ready to see a lot of red “Out of stock!” buttons, as the green “IN STOCK!” option seems to be a rare sighting. Finally, certain figures like Sonic aren’t listed as even available for certain retailers, so for them you shouldn’t even bother.

As great as it is for someone to take that initiative on Nintendo’s behalf in order to organize a listing of amiibo availability (something Nintendo would be in litigious difficulty to do so), it speaks more to Nintendo’s inability to handle their new leg of their company. The fact that you have to pre-order the niche figurines fairly early after their inevitable Nintendo Direct announcements to have any chance of getting your hands on them speaks to how ill-prepared Nintendo was in manufacturing them to great numbers.

It’s another case where Nintendo stumbles onto a great idea, yet somehow manages to fall before the finish line in some of the more minute details in its implementation. People are more than willing to drop their money for figures of those like Marth, Shulk, Rosalina and Little Mac, but the fact that the system in place puts the power to the scalpers instead of a fair relationship between consumer and the producer of the product is a gross oversight.

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