Noir Thriller White Night Heading To Consoles, PC In March


Continuing the trend of AAA publishers releasing low-budget games from smaller development studios, OSome Studio is teaming up with Activision to release a 1930’s-era “narrative-driven survival horror” title called White Night. They have released a creepy, ominous gameplay trailer, showcasing the brooding black-and-white world hiding mysteries around each corner.

The game is set mainly within an abandoned mansion, moments after a car accident throws the protagonist into a twisted fate. With the player fighting back the darkness over the course, you must find matches and light the way through the game’s puzzles and apparitions that plague the player at every step along the way.

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White Night plays decidedly like a film noir piece, as a trenchcoat-wearing man scours through the darkness guided only by match light. Searching for answers behind his circumstances, the fear of the unknown entity looms over the protagonist, with a frantic score feeding into the darkened mood. Combined that with both the light and ghostly spectres playing tricks on both perspective and state of mind, and you have a survival horror game focused more on the lore and story aspects over combat.

It’s unclear as to how the balance of horror will swing with White Night. Survival horror can play a wide variety of ways, from non-combat jump scare fear (Outlast), to methodical action with a deep story lore (Resident Evil 2), to a focus on destroying the unsettling (Silent Hill 2) and to navigating your way through an anxiety-driven labyrinth (Amnesia). Mixing in the black-and-white, noir setting and mystery play style to the genre could bring something intriguing to players next month.

White Night will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 3rd.

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