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What If The Order 1886 Came Out 100 Years Later?


When it comes to promotional videos for upcoming video games, they usually come in rote, by-the-books trailers showing a tease of the game’s story mixed in with some gameplay. Been there, done that. For Ready at Dawn’s upcoming Victorian-era The Order 1886, however, they decided to “amp” up the stakes by teaming up with CorridorDigital to release a fake music video for “The Order 1986.”

The concept of the video follows the logic that someone wasn’t paying too much attention to the title of The Order 1886, when tasked to make a music video for the game. Instead, the video creators craft the song “Werewolf Slayer” by fictional band “The Order,” under the guise of 1986 Molten Metal Records.

What follows is a classic 1986 metal music video scenario; band gets denied entry into a bar, band leader sees attractive woman, band leader meets attractive woman, attractive woman’s boyfriend punches band leader in the face, band comes to leader’s defense, jealous boyfriend is actually a werewolf in real life that the band has to kill. You know, your bog standard music video.

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While it’s totally rad that The Order 1886 decided to get weird with its promotion, the one thing that’s solely on my mind is that the game absolutely needs a game spin-off in that style. Far Cry 3’s Blood Dragon standalone is this music video’s style personified in a then-futuristic-dystopian view of Far Cry 3 gameplay. I’m not sure if Sony’s first-party studios are willing to experiment like that, but it would be awesome to see their zaniness extend beyond promotional materials.

The Order: 1886 will be released exclusively on PS4 on February 20th.

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