Octodad Numbers Infographic Shows Unsung Triumph


I love weird game concepts, and will eagerly snatch them up when presented to me. But after briefly playing Octodad: Dadliest Catch, I was honestly surprised at how much the awkward octopus-disguised-as-normal-suburban-father charmed me…and apparently everyone else, too. On Friday, Octodad’s official Twitter tweeted an Octodad numbers infographic celebrating their one-year anniversary, showing their success over the last year:

Look at that. Nine people working less than 40 hours a week for two years put together a silly title that took in almost $5 million dollars in gross revenue and sold 460,000 copies. Not bad! Further Tweets from the account reveal that the game cost ~$600k to make and that the developers, Young Horses, did not get paid until after the game had sold enough.

The infographic is appropriately light-hearted for a game about an octopus disguised as an ordinary suburban dad, with deliberately-difficult controls that make the necessary sneaking around a challenge. This is a game that experienced success in no small part due to Youtubers such as Pewdiepie, but as you can also see, those that went and purchased the game personally had a difficult time finishing it. Seems like a lot of the fun of this game is watching other people fail at it in hilarious ways.

Still, yay weird indie games! The best part of this infographic is their success in spite of receiving pretty mediocre reviews and no awards for anything. Young Horses made something really unique and appealing in a strange, charming, eight-legged way. Octodad is another great example of a Kickstarter that actually made it, and really shone in the process. Congrats, Young Horses!

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