Update: Metal Gear Rising 2 Sneakily Teased At Taipei Game Show?


UPDATE: According to Geoff Keighley, the tease from the Taipei Game Show is not in regards to Metal Gear Rising. However, the two places he asked were from Konami-specific properties, and not the would-be likely developers at Platinum Games. Plus, with Geoff Keighley usually heavily involved with teases and announcements surrounding Metal Gear Solid (whether through his shows or in conversations with Kojima himself), he has a potential vested interest in such an announcement.

However, because of this revelation and of the official comment, we will downgrade this to a rumor. There was never a denial about the existence of the game, plus there’s the whole “Moby Dick Studios” shenanigans surrounding Phantom Pain, so it’s not like Keighley and Kojima have been entirely honest regarding Metal Gear, however!

ORIGINAL: When Hideo Kojima was teasing a pending announcement for the Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain release date, some of the viable spots in which that could have been done included the 2015 Taipei Game Show. So, naturally, people had their eyes peeled at any and all opportunities throughout broadcasted streams for anything new to come from Konami. Metal Gear information they got, although it came in the form of a possible Metal Gear Rising 2 teaser announcement.

Slowdive from NeoGAF noticed that in the middle of a sizzle real for upcoming PS4 games, there was something off about the inclusion of The Order: 1886 at the 2:46:34 timestamp in the Twitch VOD. As the protagonist radioed in a request for an immediate sonar payload drop, the man on the other side of the radio counted down from three. As soon as he shouted “two” on the radio, the image at the top of the page was shown, with a gigantic “2” appearing for not even a split second. That font type is exactly the type used for Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance title shots, as seen below.

It’s not entirely surprising that Metal Gear Rising 2 is in development. Hideo Kojima and Platinum Games executives (the studio that brought us Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance) had been seen together quite a bit in the past 8 months. Kojima, game director Hideki Kamiya and studio president Tatsuya Minami were seen together at E3, having dinner post-E3 in Japan (along with a picture of both Minami and Kojima with the same Metal Gear Rising iPhone bumper case) and just Kojima and Minami shared a selfie as recently as this past December.

That said, it would be awesome to see Metal Gear Rising get a proper sequel. The first game was excellent, albeit very short when excluding the conversations with Raiden’s team members. A longer development lead would be perfect for Metal Gear Rising 2, so to see just a number for a logo to appear would indicate that there is still more work to be done.

Metal Gear Rising 2’s list of platforms is currently unknown, however it will likely be on PS4 at the very least.

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