Guy Drops World Record Speedrun Attempt In Worst Way Possible


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It takes a certain skill set to master an effective speedrun. Not only do you have to know how to play a game to an insanely precise degree (especially on frame-perfect input), but you also need to memorize everything and anything that may come your way throughout lengthy periods of time. Certain moves, like the late-game HESS in the Ocarina of Time speedrun can only be done in a small percentage of attempts, for example. That’s why it’s both downright awful and embarrassing at the same time that runner exe_de dropped what would likely be a world record in God of War 2 NG+ because he failed a QTE and died.

Spoilers for a ten-year game below!

About roughly a minute before the end of a 75-minute speedrun attempt, exe_de is about to be finished off by Zeus before Kratos turns the tables on him. In the style fit for game development at the time, entering QTE’s helps both the player avoid death and, in effect, reach the end of the game. Unfortunately, the second last combat input in the entire game was wrongfully entered by exe_de, resulting in Zeus killing both Kratos and the run in question.

Funny enough, when looking up someone else’s attempt at the speedrun in order to gauge exactly how far off exe_de was from completing the game, I stumbled across the God of War 2 speedrun attempt from Awesome Games Done Quick 2013, ran by TheEnglishMan. At this exact failed moment (in which he succeeded), he said, “Nothing’s more embarrassing than losing a run because you failed this QTE.

It speaks to the magnitude of just how upsetting it is to be one of the very best at the world playing a fairly difficult character action game like God of War 2, yet drop the run because you failed a button prompt. Not only that, but exe_de’s run featured 4 separate gold splits (fastest attempts at certain sections of the game) and the run itself requires crazily difficult glitch attempts just to complete.

If you’re interested in checking out more God of War 2 and other speedrun attempts from exe_de, you should follow him on Twitch. The poor guy could use some support right now!

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