Conan, Marshawn Lynch & Gronk Try Out Mortal Kombat X


What is assuredly not the beginning of a joke of an unlikely trio walking into a bar, Conan O’Brien recently sat down with Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch and New England Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski to play Mortal Kombat X. As part of the ongoing promotional video segment “Clueless Gamer,” the three got to test out early fighting gameplay to hilarious results.

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Amidst the hilarious hijinks between the late night comedian and professional NFL athletes, showcasing their (lack of) skills with the game, we did admittedly get a good look at Mortal Kombat X. For example, while admittedly not a final product, a wider audience got to see the user interface in action. The ability to combo moves dynamically within a level’s environment was on display, especially when the players eased back on the button-mashing. Finally, the greatest reactions came when everyone saw the new fatalities in action.

Even though an extended look at Mortal Kombat X is a great get for Conan and Clueless Gamer, what’s more important is the getting these two athletes together. Just days before each compete for their respective teams in the chance to win the 49th Super Bowl, it’s great to see both Gronk and Marshawn Lynch relax and be themselves in the middle of a media storm.

As much focus as there has been on Beast Mode’s antics with media engagements this week (and the subsequent meltdowns by members of the media who suppose themselves greater than the athletes they cover), it’s clear that he’s very comfortable with himself in this relaxed, hilarious environment. The fact that he can drop as much Mario Kart 8 knowledge as he did (a Toad guy, through and through) and riff off of it in conversations with Gronk and Conan on the matter shows the magnitude that Lynch’s non-answers have been blown out of proportion this week.

Just sit back and let Marshawn Lynch, Conan and Gronk entertain you in “friendly” matches of Mortal Kombat X.

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