Mario Party 10 Boards Sneak Peek


Mario Party 10 is coming out in March, and My Nintendo News has just reported a sneak peek of some of the game boards, allegedly posted on the Nintendo of America website. At the time of writing, we cannot confirm this posting, but there is no reason to think these aren’t legitimate images (especially since we’ve seen bits of most of them in screenshots so far). We’ll update this with a link as soon as possible.

There are five Mario Party 10 boards shown (no word on whether this is all there is or not), and there seems to be a good mix of old and new in both the set-up and environments. Take a look:

We’ve seen this lava board in the trailers–Bowser calls it home and it’s the perfect stage for the new five-player mode where four people team up against a fifth playing Bowser and wielding the Gamepad. Most of these game boards look linear (as opposed to the circular boards of older renditions) and the goal here appears to be to reach Bowser.

Taking place at what looks like the top of the iconic vines from the Super Mario games, this airship-based map has multiple pathways and seems to lead to the cloud at the top. Are the gold ships special somehow?

This amusement park has been featured in many of the previews of Mario Party 10. It’s a big board, and it looks like some of the rides will come into play as you move along.

This one’s a bit harder to see, but it’s a haunted house! A very linear map for the most part, but what could be lurking in the shadows?

Finally, my favorite. Underwater! Two levels to this map. Does the circle on the bottom spin? And look at all those Bowser spaces if you have to take the bottom path…

Mario Party 10 comes out on March 20 for the Wii U.

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