Dragon’s Dogma Online Both A Thing, Not Deep Down


One of the lesser memetic questions or comments found in conversations over Capcom’s development of Deep Down was whether or not it would be the successor or spiritual successor of Dragon’s Dogma. Today we found out that is simply not the case, as Famitsu’s magazine revealed that Dragon’s Dogma Online is currently in development.

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Without an extensive knowledge of the Japanese language, it is difficult to decipher the exact details of Dragon’s Dogma Online at this moment. Thankfully, a moderator over at NeoGAF has taken a look and relayed some of the details provided in the magazine. For example, it will be coming to PC, PS4, PS3 as a free-to-play title with microtransactions. The game’s director is Kento Kinoshita, who happened to work on Dragon’s Dogma as the lead designer.

When it comes to gameplay in Dragon’s Dogma Online, it will be an open world game with 100-player lobbies. It will support ongoing content updates, with players teaming up with 3 others to undergo quests and in totals of 8 for raid-like adventures.

When it comes down to it, the notion you get is that Dragon’s Dogma Online will play like an MORPG: Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. It will be interesting to see how Capcom will handle the transition, especially when you consider they’re already deep into the development of Deep Down. With both titles always-online with microtransactions to cover costs, it’s quite telling of where the company’s direction is headed (outside of fighting games).

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