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Super Mario games, for the most part, are devoid of an overarching storyline. There’s a basic plot that most games follow, however; save the princess, save the world. Gameplay reigned supreme over a narrative that spans over the series’ expansive catalog.

At least, that’s what we thought.

The Youtube channel Scorpigator Films has effectively set out to prove that there is an effective timeline that spans throughout each and every game that Mario, Super Mario or any form of gaming’s famous mustachioed hero takes part in. Surprisingly enough, while the reasoning is complicated, the story-branching is not nearly as complex as the official Legend of Zelda timeline.

To keep it simple, Super Mario’s adventure actually starts with Yoshi’s Island, as Mario is just a little kid. Going through Yoshi’s adventures first, Mario and Luigi team up to have time travel adventures before Mario goes off to defeat Donkey Kong and force him back to his island (spawning the DKC series). From there, the Mario Bros team up in the Mushroom kingdom to spawn the Super Mario Bros. series up to the SNES RPG, where Luigi takes on Mansion adventures of his own.

From there, Mario explore the Super Mario World, which ends with Mario, Peach and friends taking a vacation. That vacation? To Delfino Island, the focal point of Super Mario Sunshine. Then next is the Super Mario Galaxy events, with Rosalina providing the one narrative branch leading to the Paper Mario series. To breeze through the rest, we have Mario, Luigi and Princess Peach go off through a linear set of adventures until Mario becomes an entrepreneur, allowing for Mario Party and any game involving Mario and Bowser not at fighting ends with each other. Finally, it ends with Mario fending off foes in Sarasaland for Super Mario Lands 1 and 2, then finally sparring off against Wario in Wario Land.

The logic behind the Super Mario storyline is as fully realized as possible for an unknown Youtube channel’s efforts, but as more people watch the video above, we will start to see the minor holes poked through the logic. For example, Yoshi already knew about Mario and Luigi in Super Mario RPG, so it doesn’t make sense he introduced himself in Super Mario World a game prior in the timeline. Regardless, to think the storyline out of all Mario games (even ones without supposed canon implications) is a feat worthy of recognition. Now, it’s the internet’s time to hash out all the blemishes and polish the timeline out for Nintendo once again.

h/t Kotaku

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