Dying Light Launch Trailer: Subtle Reminder It’s Out Tomorrow


Despite recent uncertainty over the Dying Light’s actual launch and the possibility of a release date being pushed back, Techland would like to remind you the game is actually coming out tomorrow. They have a launch trailer to prove it, even though this news does come with some caveats.

For example, Dying Light is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, both digitally and physically, on January 27th in the Western Hemisphere. However, in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia, Dying Light will only see a digital release on the 28th, with a physical release on February 27th. Those who already pre-ordered the physical disc version in those regions will get two sets of future DLC for free, while pre-order bonus “Be the Zombie” multiplayer will now be free for all editions of the game.

As great as the darker look at the first-person action-RPG genre is with Dying Light, this release bungling has definitely put a damper on proceedings. Youtubers have had preview builds to play with and upload for a while now, and an incomplete look will be the only reliable thing people can judge the title with before the game is released tomorrow. Our review codes just got sent a couple hours prior to this post’s release, and with no review embargo there will be a rush from multiple publications to get reviews out as soon as possible in order to capitalize on launch interest.

That’s not fair to you, the reader, for us to rush our review without fully going in depth with Dying Light. That’s why we will take our time, and hopefully have a review of the complete game done by this time next week. If you’re interested in picking up Dying Light, please be careful with rushing head first into a title with little/no reliable review sources on launch day. With 2014’s bad string of terrible launch-day-quality titles, you might know what you’re going to get until it’s too late.

That said, don’t be afraid to marvel at both the graphics and the smooth 60 FPS framerate on display in the above Dying Light launch trailer.

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