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Nintendo’s Avengers Assemble In The WiiVengers


James Farr is a pretty talented animator, mainly focusing on mashing up Nintendo characters with other properties, such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Koopas & Super Smash Wars. His latest project imagines some of Nintendo’s top characters in Marvel’s top franchise in The Wiivengers:

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I think the WiiVengers is a pretty entertaining parody, and there’s definitely some clever stuff like Professor E. Gadd taking the place of Stellan Skarsgard’s Dr. Eric Selvig and Pikachu as Thor makes way too much sense. Hopefully if Farr makes a WiiVengers 2, he’ll find spots for other iconic Nintendo characters who didn’t make into this one such as Samus, Donkey Kong & Bowser. If you want to check out any of James Farr’s pretty brilliant mash-ups, you can go here to his YouTube page.


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