New WWE 2K15 Trailer Features Shiny Wrestlers & Kid Rock


The newest WWE 2K15 trailer shows off the impressive graphics that show wrestling games have come a long way, while oddly picking a song from over 15 years ago to go with the trailer.

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It just seems like a really odd choice of song, I mean, when was the last time Kid Rock was relevant (probably 1999, when “Bawitdaba” was released)? Kinda makes 2K games & WWE seem stuck in the past, frankly. Nevertheless, WWE 2K15 certainly looks very impressive, but nothing I’ve seen of the game so far honestly addresses most of the issues I, a life long wrestling fan, have had with the series for years. I guess we’ll really find out if 2K Games included things like competent A.I. & more than 6 guys on screen at one time when WWE 2K15 comes out October 28th on PS3 & 360 and November 18th on Xbox One & PS4


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