Editorial: 5 Things 2K Games Desperately Needs To Fix In WWE2K

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Do you smell what The Rock is cookin’?

Wrestlemania 30 just happened this past weekend, and as usual it gets me back into the mood to play some great wrestling games. Too bad the entire genre has pretty much been a disappointment for all of the last generation and then some. Part of that probably has to do with what you want to call the Madden syndrome. WWE knows that they’ve got the market on wrestling titles and a fairly guaranteed audience no matter what they put out, so people buy it every year with little to no motivation.

I’ve been a huge wrestling fan for over 20 years and the only game this generation I thought was even decent was WWE 13, that basically means it took them most of the generation to accomplish something I’d even give a passing look, much less buy with unbridled enthusiasm. With 2k15 on the way and coming to next-gen systems, here are 5 glaring issues they really need to fix: