Hyrule Warriors is Bringing a Massive Zelda Sale to the European eShop


Nintendo of Europe has really been putting on a show lately. Earlier today on Twitter, NOE announced that over the next three weeks every single Zelda title available in the Nintendo eShop will be put on sale as a lead-up to the upcoming Hyrule Warriors. Even better, if players happen to buy a Zelda title during this sale, digital downloaders will recieve a 10% fan discount off of Hyrule Warriors when it becomes available! This digital sale includes both Wii U and 3DS offerings, so as long as it’s attached to a player’s Nintendo Network ID, the 10% fan discount will apply.

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This is an absolutely awesome promotion by Nintendo of Europe, but it’s not the first time Nintendo fans in Europe have had something to cheer about this month. Earlier in August, Nintendo UK announced a

special edition Smash Bros. 3DS that’s now available for pre-order

, garnering the jealousy of Smash Brothers fans worldwide.  Nintendo’s European branches are really turning up the heat on (so far) exclusive promotions – one can only hope that Nintendo of America will follow suit.

Look at all of those Zelda games!

Do you think this sale will move stateside? What Zelda games have you yet to pick up? Make your voice heard in the comments below!

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