Madden 15 Glitch Rejects Laws Of Physics, Sends Players Flying


When it comes to EA-developed games, especially within their sports series, you can bet you’re going to encounter a glitch or two. However, with the most recent entry we get to see a Madden 15 glitch that’s just too crazy not to share.

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Vine user SCKNOWS captured the below short video, showing the St. Louis Rams line up on the opposing team’s 30 yard line, while getting sacked by the defense. The typical football simulation of what Rams fans can expect to occur a lot this season isn’t what’s noteworthy; it’s the defensive end that gets shot up into the air like a cannon after getting flattened at the line of scrimmage. As in, one second he’s prone on the ground, and the next he gets shot up like a Skyrim giant smashed him up into space.

Just check out the Madden 15 glitch for yourself in the video below.

Hopefully, the team at EA are taking notice to the near 1.4 million loops this vine is getting (at press time) and patch this problem out of the game before the 2014 NFL regular season picks up. Then again, sometimes with EA games it takes a while to correct the problems that are at a fundamental level. Either way, all we can do now is sit back, point and laugh at the funny Madden 15 glitch.

h/t FanSided

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