EA Staffers Recreate FIFA Game With Real Life Footage


It’s amazing how much employees at EA Canada are obsessed with soccer. So much so that they recreated one of their matches at the soccer pitch located at their HQ in Vancouver, BC in order to simulate the FIFA video game in real life. That’s right, EA Canada employee Marius Hjerpseth got some of his friends to face off against each other, as EA United played against EA Athletic for a 45 minute match for the EA Cup Final.

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This video has everything. First off, the two teams are fully kitted out, strutting their stuff as they file in ceremoniously onto the pitch. Surprisingly, the play-by-play is called by none other than legendary announcer Martin Tyler, who does audibly note that the teams are playing for the EA Cup. Once play actually begins, all the FIFA player cursors, camera angles and trappings are there, including hilariously-acted celebrations. My favorite bit may have been the free kick that utilized the perfect camera scroll, plus subbing a new player in to take the kick.

When all is said and done, the highlight real of the play was actually quite entertaining. Brilliant setups, bicycle kicks and headers brought us to a 4-3 conclusion, setting as an excellent way to keep promoting FIFA ahead of its 2015 release later this year. Even though the match may have included takes and cuts, indicating it all to be fake, it’s still worth your time to see just how much effort Hjerpseth took into recreating FIFA in real life.

h/t SB Nation


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