E3 2014 Awards, As Decided By Our Writers

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Best Lesser-Shown Game

Winner: Cuphead

Giving a shout-out to creative gaming ideas, Cuphead was quite the intriguing game to those of our writers who saw the game on the E3 2014 show floor. It’s a run-and-gun shooter with the cartoon style of the 1930’s. The trailer above even shows UI-free gameplay, transporting the game right into the cartoon world that our grandparents and great grandparents saw firsthand. Plus, our hero has a cup for a head. How cool is that? Cuphead is slated for an Xbox One and Steam release in 2015, so those of you who are intrigued will have to wait to play for yourself.

Biggest Disappointment

Winner: The Last Guardian No-Show

With how much The Last Guardian has been talked about by Sony executives, including Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida himself, leading up to Sony’s E3 2014 press conference, you would have thought SOMETHING would have been shown. A new logo, a platform, anything. While Sony insists that The Last Guardian is not cancelled, they did not show anything related to the Team Ico title at this year’s entire week of media promotion. It’s becoming Sony’s Chinese Democracy or Duke Nukem Forevereverlasting development that ultimately leaves fans disappointed.

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Quote of E3

"“A female character means that you have to redo a lot of animation, a lot of costumes. It would have doubled the work on those things. And I mean it’s something the team really wanted, but we had to make a decision… It’s unfortunate, but it’s a reality of game development.” – James Therien, Ubisoft"

“Winner”: Ubisoft

Woof. It was the quote that sparked off numerous articles, think pieces and debates within the video game industry; where do our biggest publishers stand on including female characters in their titles? Why are female protagonists so difficult to work into their games? Why are male characters considered default? Regardless of where you stand on the issue (but really, c’mon), it became the talk of the conference. Some have even pondered if asking that question will be the go-to query at next year’s E3 event.