Sony: The Last Guardian Is In Full Development


So what exactly is going on with the Last Guardian? IGN claimed it was cancelled, then Sony responded saying it wasn’t canceled, but didn’t comment further at the time if it was “on hold” or on some other vague status that doesn’t give us any clue about what it’s real status is.

Well, this new tweet from Geoff Knightley should clear things up nicely:

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Now, this means we probably won’t get any more details until this interview tomorrow. But it pretty much confirms that The Last Guardian is in fact not cancelled and we will hopefully get a lot more information on it soon. Bottom line, it is good to hear that in fact the Last Guardian still exists, and that Sony clearly sees something really special in this title since they have allowed it so much development time and still have not given up on it. We’ll know more tomorrow, hopefully along with a new trailer and a release period (any chance of 2014? Probably not).

What do you think, GameSided readers? Happy that The Last Guardian still exists? Can it possibly live up to all the hype it’s built up after all these years in development? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!