Former Halo Composer is Suing


The Halo franchise is arguably the most indelible series ever created for Microsoft.  Moreover, the music that helped bring the series to life was imbedded in our minds for years after we stopped playing the game.  The award-winning composer Marty O’Donnell was relieved of his duties earlier this year and VentureBeat uncovered a lawsuit that he recently filed against his former employee.

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The lawsuit specifically names Bungie and Chief Executive Harold Ryan for compensation that he was owed.  O’Donnell said that he was given no explanation for his termination and that he was not compensated for his accrued vacation days, paid time off, sabbatical time and other benefits.  There were also other issues that O’Donnell and Bungie are trying to iron through, but those are currently being handled in arbitration.

O’Donnell had been working on Bungie’s newest project Destiny, when he was surprisingly terminated.  This, however, did not have any effect on the release date of the game.  The lawsuit was filed on May 1st and Bungie responded on May 27th that he was not due any additional compensation.

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