The folks at contacted Bungie today ..."/> The folks at contacted Bungie today ..."/>

Destiny Still on Track, Despite Recent Composer Departure


The folks at contacted Bungie today and they assured them that despite the recent departure of lead composer Marty O’Donnell, Destiny still remained on schedule.   If you hadn’t already heard, O’Donnell was let go from Bungie yesterday, and it immediately sparked a flurry of questions about how that might affect the release date of the game.  O’Donnell posted on his twitter account that he had been “terminated without cause”.  Just for the record, this is the musical genius that created the award-winning Halo soundtracks.  It seems likely that Bungie is going to have a rather difficult time replacing such an iconic composer.

According to Bungie’s Chief Operating Officer, Pete Parsons: “We are close to shipping and Marty’s music remains in the game.”  He went on to say that they two parties had left as “friends.”  However, when reading O’Donnell’s Twitter post, it gives somewhat of a different perspective.  Although neither party will say what actually happened, or caused the recent departure, as an avid Halo fan, this news is saddening.

In the end, the game still remains poised for the September 9th release date, but if that changes, we at Gamesided will update as soon as possible.

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