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Here’s what I think was the Game of the Year for 2015.

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Man, video games, am I right? While I could end it right there and expertly sum up 2015, I guess it makes sense to go over some of its better aspects.

We had a year where we finally got to understand why Dark Souls II was disappointing; Miyazaki was working on a better game. We learned that releasing your game for free (on PS4) for the launch month might just put your game on the map in a great way. We learned that Nintendo might be out of ideas for Mario, even if the result is a better experience. Finally, we learned that the line between parody/satire and embellishment when it comes to the horror genre can make a huge difference.

This is my list of what I played, and what I enjoyed the most throughout the entirety of 2015. If you have differing thoughts on any games listed in my Game of the Year list, make sure to leave a well-reasoned argument in the comments section at the end. You can also reach me at my Twitter account: @ItsDanielGeorge.

With that in mind, here is my list for Game of the Year 2015.

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