GameSided Game of the Year 2015 #18: NBA 2K16


NBA 2K16 splashes like a Steph Curry 3 onto our Game of the Year list at #18.

What more could I say about NBA 2K16 and the NBA 2K series as a whole? In my opinion, it is the best series in sports video games. NBA 2K16 just so happens to be my favorite entry to play in the series to this point, the prior entry having been NBA 2K12 which saw the first expansion into a ton of the classic teams and replaying legendary moments.

How is NBA 2K16 different? There is soooooooo much stuff to do. You have the MyGM mode which has been refined and updated to allow more customization and variety of different ways you can handle each role. You can even coach the team while you simulate the game.

More from Features

The new MyCareer Mode directed by Spike Lee is the first sports video game to feature a real storyline. While the fully directed portions of MyCareer ends after your rookie year, your MyPlayer’s career, introductions, and commentary is fueled by the events of your first year in the league. It was a pretty cool way to add this feature in. You also get to dominate high school players with your MyPlayer, then watch as the competition gets progressively harder to take advantage of. The subtleties of NBA 2K16 are surreal.

There is season 2 of 2KTV, which features more interviews with players around the 2Kverse as well as NBA player interviews. Online leagues are back and allow for you to advance at your own progress with other players so some can simulate and others can play through all the games, but you both can still easily get to the point where your match is rather quickly regardless of your play style.

There is so much going on in NBA 2K16 and all of it is done so well. The only caveat is I think the actual presentation and ambiance of the game was better in NBA 2K15. The player introductions and lighting felt more true to life. Outside of that, NBA 2K16 is better in every way. If you have ever played NBA 2K or even if you have not, you should look into NBA 2K16.