GameSided Game of the Year 2015 #19: Destiny: The Taken King


Destiny: The Taken King arrives on our Game of the Year 2015 list at #19.

Destiny The Taken King is a hallmark of refinement for the futuristic shooter. Taking (eh? eh? get it?) characters you had previously shot down in large numbers and retrofitting them in a new skin with all new abilities with additional content maps for environment, and PVP or arena style play. There was so much more that was added to the game that one could conceivably say it was almost brand new.

Taking place after the events of vanilla Destiny and it expansions, which saw you take down the lord Crota in additional Raid content on the moon. In Destiny The Taken King, your actions in the previous year of content has angered Oryx, a god with the ability to “take” creatures and make them work for him. Your light is the only thing which can resist his spell and as such, you and your fellow guardians are tasked with finding his whereabouts and avenging the losses of those he has taken.

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Destiny The Taken King does not reinvent the wheel with its mechanics, which are the most satisfying you will find in the shooter genre for the second year in a row. It does, however, change up the way in which you play with your guardian by adding in an additional subclass for your character to level up. As a warlock, you can basically become a Sith Lord with a lightning ability. As a Hunter, you gain the ability to pull your enemies into a void with a new bow and arrow. As a Titan, you gain the knowledge of the Sunbreakers, making you like mighty Thor with the hammer infused with solar ability.

Each of the favorite enemies returns as well with the Cabal and the Vex and Fallen all playing a role in the evolution of Oryx as you face him and attempt to spoil his plan as he looks to overtake the galaxy. I would not say Destiny is the only game you should ever own, but as far as a shooter you can put in, play with friends and enjoy on a regular basis, you cannot go wrong with Destiny The Taken King. It may not the be fastest like Call of Duty or tug at nostalgia like Star Wars Battlefront, but it does provide something unique in the shooter genre. It is a living, breathing world with its own lore that’s brand new to the landscape and is only just getting started in being fleshed out. Now is as good a time as any to jump in on it.