DayZ Player Kills 3-Man Squad With 3 Bullets


YouTube user xAK1x is putting his marksmanship skills on display in this insane three-man squad wipe, using only three bullets (four if you count the double-tap).

Some commenters are crying foul, citing his KOS (kill on sight) mentality. This issue has long been debated within the DayZ community, and since the release of the  standalone that issue has only been exacerbated.

This stems from the lack of environmental opposition in the game, causing PvP conflicts to be the primary form of entertainment. DayZ is woefully lacking in zombies, this was the main reason behind me taking a sabbatical from the game. I’ll be returning to play once zombies are fully implemented and working within the game, but that time might not be far off.

The progress on the new zombie AI and horde-mentality was showcased by Lead Designer Peter Nespesny in a March forum post.

Hopefully, once these new behaviors are implemented and the game world is fully populated with zombies, PvP will become less of a decisive factor in the DayZ community. Zombies were the main reason you thought twice about shooting your gun in the mod. In the standalone, the only thing keeping you off the trigger is a kind heart, and those are hard to come by.

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