Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 Raised One Million Dollars For Charity


It just goes to show that the video game community, when it comes together, can achieve great things. During the final minutes of the Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 speedrunning marathon, just as Lavos was being destroyed in the Chrono Trigger speedrun, Speed Demos Archive and their speedrunners did the unthinkable and raised over a million dollars to the Prevent Cancer Foundation. $1,007,201, to be exact.

Last year’s Speed Demos Archive had broke the record for the most money raised in a gaming charity marathon at over $448,423.27. The fact that the amount raised has almost doubled this year raises speculation about just how successful Awesome Games Done Quick can be to raising money for cancer research in the future.

It was an awesome event for enthusiasts of speedrunning, classic video games and those who like to see how broken and glitchy some games can be exploited to in the name of a great cause. Not only did we see quick gameplay, but we witnessed a $10,000 donation from Notch (creator of Minecraft), great prizes for donations and talks with developers, composers and programmers for some of the games. It was an emotional rollercoaster.

The widespread success of Awesome Games Done Quick 2014 bodes well for the future of gaming marathons in the name of charity. Next up from Speed Demos Archive is Summer Games Done Quick. Make sure to open up the purse-strings later this year for the next great gaming charity event!


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