PlayStation Now Open Beta Begins Tomorrow


Ready to embrace the all-digital, all-subscription future? Because starting tomorrow if you own a PS4, you can participate in the PlayStation Now open beta. It will launch with 100 games with more added over time.

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Now, the prices for PlayStation Now have been derided by some, but Senior Director Jack Buser has assured IGN that nothing is set in stone with the prices and that Sony is considering multiple pricing options including a flat subscription fee and a rent-to-buy option.

"“We’re working diligently to bring a subscription option to gamers to compliment our rental offering for PlayStation Now,” said Buser. “We believe that offering both of these options would provide gamers the freedom to discover and play games in ways that weren’t before possible.”"

I’d personally love for PlayStation Now to justify me dumping my PS3. My entertainment center is pretty damn full at the moment. If I can get all or most of the games I currently own for a reasonable price (be it rental, flat subscription fee or rent-to-buy) and the streaming works well that would be fairly awesome. Though I seriously doubt we’ll see some of the last big PS3 titles such as Persona 5 on there day and date with it’s retail release. I just hope Sony takes some good feedback from the beta to make PlayStation Now a great value for their customers.


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