Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Speeds Into Day 2


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Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 has now entered into the 25th hour, as Day 2 scheduling has begun live on Twitch. The second day of speedrunning action begins with an attempt at Sonic Heroes, followed by a block of F-Zero games. Gotta go fast!

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Awesome Games Done Quick, for those unaware, is an annual charity event where Speed Demos Archive and SpeedRunsLive gather some of the top speedrunners together for a full week of playing and streaming awesome and challenging games to completion, as fast as possible. It is all done in the name of the Prevent Cancer Foundation, a “Nonprofit organization that saves lives through cancer research, education and community outreach.” Without incorporating Humble Bundle packages, The Yetee t-shirt sales or Twitch channel subscriptions, Day 1 saw more than $137,000 raised directly from viewer donations.

If you’re interested in donating in support of Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 speedrunners for yourself, you can do so right here. From there, you can assign your donation dollars towards certain speedrunning incentives. Some of the popular incentives include whether to save or kill the Super Metroid animals, naming characters in JRPG’s and which types of runs to play. You can also donate at certain times during the stream in order to enter raffles for prizes, including special consoles and other gaming memorabilia.

With all of the logistics that out of the way, check out the Awesome Games Done Quick 2015 Day 2 schedule below!

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