Bayonetta 2 Director, Producer Working On Something New


The development of Bayonetta 2 has quite a remarkable story behind it. Any hopes of a sequel were lost until Nintendo saved it and footed costs for Platinum Games to develop it. Even though everyone’s favorite tweeting game executive Hideki Kamiya did not lead development of this game (he acted as supervisor), it still managed to capture the excellence of the character and the action-packed gameplay within. Now, according to Siliconera, it appears the Bayonetta 2 director and producer team are working on a new gaming project.

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The source material comes directly from Japanese gaming entity, with renewed hope that something else may be in store for Bayonetta in the future. “We’ve already began working on the next project, but it seems like it’ll be a little while longer until we can make an announcement,” Bayonetta 2 producer Akiko Kuroda explains. “I hope that we can do something related to the Bayonetta series in 2015 as well, so please keep an eye out for more from Bayonetta!”

The game’s director, Yusuke Hashimoto, doubly confirmed such works, as well. “Currently, a new project is in progress! We’re doing our best to develop something that will make you all say ‘I want to play it!’ and thank you for your continued support in 2015 as well!”

With Hideki Kamiya working on Scalebound exclusively for the Xbox One, who knows exactly what’s in store for Bayonetta 2’s creative leads. However, if it’s even half as good as what they released to Wii U owners this year, we’re all in for a treat!

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