Final Fantasy Type-0 Aims For A Mature Audience (Trailer)


Final Fantasy, historically, has been available to be played and purchased by a wide audience. No game in the series has been rated M for Mature by the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), meaning those younger than 17 could easily pick it up at their local Mom & Pop gaming store or retailer. That is, until March 17th, 2015, when Final Fantasy Type-0 will be released in North America with an M-Rating.

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Listed for Blood, Drug Reference, Suggested Themes and Violence, the Final Fantasy Type-0 trailer immediately showcases why it was deemed unsuitable for those younger than 17 (contextually speaking). In some of the cutscenes, we can see a sword-wielding, staggering protagonist stumble through an empty street, filled only with the bloody bodies of slain soldiers littered throughout. Characters discuss war with a heightened sense of urgency due to the violent nature portrayed in the video. We even see someone in their death throes, wishing they could escape their inevitable death.

Previously before releasing on the PS4 and Xbox One, Final Fantasy Type-0 had been strictly limited to a PSP release in Japan (although there had been efforts to get around that restriction). I’m glad that Square Enix finally decided to bring the game over to North America, while maintaining the heart of the title as to not try to circumvent an M rating. Who knows what success lies for Final Fantasy Type-0, but with a Final Fantasy XV demo tied to the first prints of the game, there’s at least a modicum of possible intrigue.

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