Final Fantasy XV Demo Limited To Type-0 Day One Edition


In a recent PlayStation Blog post, an Associate Product Marketing Manager for Square Enix wanted to get you excited for Final Fantasy Type-0 with the reveal of a $99 Collector’s Edition of the game. With a golden Steel Book case, the game, a 15-track collection of the game’s songs, a 200-page manga, 80-page hardcover art book and 5 replica Ace’s cards, it certainly looks enticing to the ardent fan. However, I’d argue to real news to come out of the post is that Final Fantasy XV’s demo will be exclusive to the “Day One” editions of Final Fantasy Type-0.

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That’s right, the Final Fantasy XV “Episode Duscae” demo will be exclusively accessed by those with the first print of Final Fantasy Type-0. It doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to pre-order the game to get access, but Square Enix wants to reward (or incentivize) early purchases of the action-RPG title that will launch next March. The demo will be available on both the standard and Collector’s Editions of Final Fantasy Type-0.

Funny (or depressing) enough, said associate product marketing manager Scott Strichart had been answering questions that came to him in the comments section last night, while directly avoiding tough questions. A lot of people wanted to pre-order outside of the Square Enix store, but the main question that was being dodged; “Will the Final Fantasy XV Demo be available to play when Type-0 launches?”

Although he may not have the answer to that question, the fact that nobody from Square Enix has commented yet is intriguing. The silence is quite deafening, and with the sluggish development cycle that Final Fantasy XV has already encountered, I wouldn’t be surprised if the demo wasn’t available at the launch of Final Fantasy Type-0. Hopefully, we get a clear answer closer to launch.

Final Fantasy Type-0 was a Japanese PSP game that will get a PS4 and Xbox One localization in the West on March 17th, 2015.

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