This War of Mine Update 1.2 Brings New Start Location


I have enjoyed my time playing This War of Mine. In fact, I had planned to finish up my review later today. That was before I learned that the game just received a substantial 1.2 update, bringing a brand new starting shelter for your group of survivors to fashion into their very own home. It will be randomly chosen when you start “Another Try,” and will aim to increase the replayability of the survivor action strategy game. You can see the update video above.

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In addition to the new starting location, placed in the outskirts of town, you can now select your starting groups of characters. Before you go in for the first time expecting to be able to pick and choose, keep in mind that you have to play through the game at least once before this option is available. The promo footage appears to show group pairings, including those that are locked, suggesting further adventuring in play or even additional possible characters for the future.

11 Bit Studios has really been doing a lot of legwork after the release of This War of Mine, especially for a game that made its money back in 2 days. It’s great to see Indie studios continue to expand upon their creations and listen to their fans after releasing their game, putting game improvements above porting the game to other platforms. While I’m glad to see other titles become successful across a multitude platforms, these additions have given new life to a game that’s only a month old.

This War of Mine is available on PC right now through Steam.

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