This War Of Mine Covered Development Costs In 2 Days


Grim 2.5 D survival game This War of Mine has been doing fairly well after its November 14th launch. Before the Steam Exploration Sale, it had consistently stayed near the top of the Top Sellers list, and has been making the rounds on several high-profile Let’s Play channels. In a leadup to a new patch, Eurogamer reports, development team 11 Bit Studios revealed that the game’s development costs were covered in just 2 days of sales.

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If you’re unfamiliar with This War of Mine, the goal of the game is to survive with a regular, ragtag group of survivors trying to survive and make it through an unnamed war. You must build up your shelter, scavenge/barter for supplies and avoid succumbing to the cold or by the hands/pointed weapons of an enemy. You only have so much time to maintain your shelter in the day, and you only have so much scavenge time at night.

What’s interesting about the infograph provided is that only 11% of players managed to see the end of war. It’s a testament to how cruel the game can unravel at a moment’s notice, whether it sparks from your cook passing away from illness or your scavenger from taking one too many gun parts. It’s all to serve as a brutal reminder that war is hell, which is the main message to take away from This War of Mine.

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