GTA Online Heists Finally Coming…In Early 2015


After more than a year of teasing from Rockstar Games, finally we get the announcement from them, via IGN, that GTA Online Heists will be coming. What was certain to be a delay in order to release alongside the next-gen versions of GTA V is not the case, as this much-requested online game mode will drop in “Early 2015.”

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“I know you’ve been complaining, but you weren’t ready.” That is the opening line from Lester in the GTA Online Heists trailer (embedded below), perfectly capturing the mindset of fans eagerly waiting to participate in the feature promised to be ready “as soon as possible” time and time again. At the very least, we get to know what exactly a heist entails, including a requirement of 4 players at rank 12 or above to form a crew. Each heist needs a heist leader with a fancy high-end apartment big enough to host a room with a planning board.

What separates GTA Online heist leaders from crew members is that they have to front all the costs, while assigning tasks to members of the crew. They do benefit from assigning the cuts given to each member, however, so they can make it fairer for them in the end. Crew members aren’t in control of how much they make, but do get money for doing prep missions.

It appears as though a huge draw to the GTA Online heists are the replayability as separate roles throughout different heists. For example, certain heists could have end-mission finales with separate tasks, or operate as a single unit. Because you don’t get to switch between different characters while performing the heist (like what was the case in GTA V’s story mode), you will only get to see what happens from each perspective if you decide to operate in each role yourself. Plus, with bonuses for completing them in certain ways, there’s always an incentive to jump right back in.

GTA Online Heists will be coming in Early 2015, complete with five different strands of heists with over 20 missions and 20 hours of replayable unique gameplay at launch. Check out the recently-released trailer below.

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