Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Moving To Steam Right Now


Perhaps the worst thing about Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition was that it functioned via Games for Windows Live. Outside of that, it meant a mod-supported, visually updated version of the game that enjoyed controller support, placing it solely as the best version of Dark Souls. Now that notion will be further solidified, as you can now update Dark Souls on PC to function via Steam and Steamworks, starting right now!

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The official Facebook page for Dark Souls passed on that message recently, informing players that the update will let you keep both your save data and achievements. Further information can be found on the Steam Community page, letting you know that you have until February 16th to update and still keep your information. They also tell various purchasers of Dark Souls (whether it be picking up the game prior to today, during the transition, or post-transition) step-by-step instructions as to make the game run smoothly now on Steam.

For those concerned about the DSfix mod that made the game run at 60 FPS (among other improvements) and how it will function on Steamworks, there is no need to worry. Modder Durante (or “Based Durante,” as he should very well be known), has released DSfix 2.3 on his blog, providing full support for the new version of Dark Souls on PC.

If you ever wondered why a great game like Dark Souls II could be considered a disappointment despite its excellence overall, pick up Dark Souls on PC whenever you can to learn exactly why. It may very well be one of the greatest video games of all time, and will likely be on sale during Steam’s upcoming Holiday Sale. There’s no better time to prepare to die than right now!

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