Sony Confusing Everyone With Emagon Teaser


Ahead of the PlayStation Experience event, finding out more about 2015’s slate of PlayStation games is the first order of business. It seems like PlayStaion Espana was a bit too eager in sharing information, and have released a promotional teaser for a game named Emagon fairly earlier than one would expect.

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Beyond a very visually-impressive series of landscape shots, plus a dude holding a compass while navigating a forest, there’s not much we know about Emagon right now. We can decipher, as many who are creatively held back in 2007-era jokes, that Emagon is spelled “no game” when the letters are reversed. As silly as that is, it’s enough leads me to believe that it’s yet another surprise announcement in the making, similar to how P.T. was a “playable teaser” for a “Silent Hills” game directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro. While I don’t suspect a secret game would be that large a scale of a project, it seems we’ll know for sure this coming weekend.

Hidden project or not, the art style of Emagon, complete with an intriguing UI, is a serviceable tease of one of the many games expected to be revealed this coming weekend, across all sorts of gaming events.

h/t GameSpot

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