Silent Hills Sneakily Announced Via P.T. Teaser


What kind of insane man teases a video mystery/horror game via Sony’s gamescom 2014 Press Conference, which turns out to be a new Silent Hill game, with the involvement of film director and producer Guillermo Del Toro, starring The Walking Dead television show’s Norman Reedus? Hideo Kojima, that’s who. The P.T. interactive teaser, available for download on the PS4’s PlayStation Store right now, ends with a tease indicating the creation of Silent Hills, and it was discovered first (or, at least widely shared) from someone playing the game to 3 viewers on Twitch. This is 2014.

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Konami will be publishing the game once again, with Kojima Productions likely involved in the development of Silent Hills. The game also uses the Fox Engine, which is why the actor of The Walking Dead‘s Daryl Dixon is instantly recognizable in the reveal pan. The interactive teaser for P.T. was mostly in first person, so we’ll have to see if this is the new direction that the game series will be taking or if it was intentionally done so to throw guessers off the trail.

Silent Hills is presumed to be released on the PS4, with other platforms and release window unknown at this time. You can check out the Twitch stream below, where skipping to 1:16:00 will provide the reveal.

Watch live video from SoapyWarpig on Twitch

h/t NeoGAF


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