Broken Age Act 2 Release Date Aimed At Early 2015


With Broken Age Act 1 releasing earlier this year, a fair amount of money in sales was achieved to further fund development of Act 2. It’s only a matter of time before Double Fine finishes the second half, but it seems like the wait will be even longer than anticipated. According to a development update on the game’s forums, Broken Age Act 2 will now be released in Early 2015.

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The writing was on the wall when it was only recently revealed that the script for Act 2 had been completed. Developmentally, the Double Fine team looks to have a working Alpha by the end of this year, of which Broken Age’s second half seems to double the length of the previous half. Ultimately, it means that the studio should finish up 66% of the total game’s content, have it polished up and ready for release at the conclusion of March 2015. It would also mean the full product would only finally be released a mere 2.5 years after the initial estimated release window, per the project’s Kickstarter page.

Granted, that was back when Double Fine’s goal was to raise $400,000 for a much-smaller game. That said, after raising more than $3.3 million in March of 2012, splitting the game into two acts to fund its entirety and already making enough money to cover development costs with sales of Act 1, one can’t help but be cautious in their optimism for an Early 2015 release of Broken Age Act 2.

The reason being is likely due to the studio’s apparent mismanagement of its titles. It was only a few months ago when intriguing space/life sim Spacebase DF-9 was cancelled during Early Access, and mere days ago since 12 people were laid off after an unannounced project deal fell through with a publisher. However, as long as the fans of Broken Age eventually get their full game, no matter how long it takes, they will remain happy. Perhaps focusing in on a small amount of projects is the correct choice for an already-tiny Indie game development studio, and the finished project will turn out for the better.

h/t Rock Paper Shotgun

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