Broken Age Act 2 Funded Through Act 1 Sales


Developer Double Fine couldn’t have asked for a better launch for it’s brand new IP Broken Age. The first part of the game has sold so well that the second part of the game has been completely funded by the game’s sales to date.

In speaking with GamesIndustry, Double Fine studio boss Tim Schafer confirmed that not only did the sales from the first part of Broken Age bring in enough to pay for the second part, but it will fund the game’s mobile version as well.

“We’ve made enough that we can make the second half of the game for sure,” he said. “And we’re not done making it to all the platforms because we haven’t released it on iPad yet. I feel that’s going to be a really interesting platform for adventure games. It’s such a fun place to play point-and-click graphic adventures, and so many people have them. That’s exciting to me.”

There is no timetable for the next part of the game to hit the marketplace, but hopefully it comes within the next year.

For the full interview, check out GamesIndustry.


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