More Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Footage Emerges


Like a bat outta hell, more gameplay footage of Batman: Arkham Knight has emerged to remind fans that yes, this game still exists. What’s more, we get to see more of the Batmobile in action, plus more teases about the Arkham Knight and what he’s really up to.

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What’s immediately clear about this new Arkham Knight footage is its design purely for 8th generation and PC gaming. The amount of particle effects, objects destroyed (plus their relevant physics) and overall graphical fidelity are superb. The inclusion of environmental destruction and its dynamic usage within combat is fairly interesting, if not for the very real possibility someone could die being thrown into an electric panel. Plus, we get to hear the Arkham Knight for what may be the first time, which sounds a little bit like the voice of Troy Baker. Knowing his more prominent role within the Arkham series as a voice actor, however, won’t bleed into this game at all.

While I’ve never really got into the Arkham series like countless of other action gaming fans have, I’m definitely looking to remedy that with Batman: Arkham Knight next year. With the addition of the Batmobile and its utility/combat use throughout Arkham, there seems to be a lot more gameplay looks than what was previously available in other games within the series. With 7 months left until production, however, hopefully they tighten up the voice synching animations a bit better.

Batman: Arkham Knight is coming to the PC, PS4 and Xbox One on June 2, 2015. We’ll see more Arkham Knight gameplay on December 1st and at the PlayStation Experience extravaganza.

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