Battlefield 4 DLC ‘Final Stand’ Releases Early Today


Remember when Battlefield 4 seemed to be a fairly promising new edition to the franchise, right before almost everything that could go wrong, did go wrong? It’s gotten to the point where they released their fifth DLC expansion, “Final Stand,” to Battlefield 4 Premium members today, more than a year after its launch and four months since the most recent expansion. You have to think it would be out by now if it weren’t for its torrent of stability and connectivity issues.

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All the problems Battlefield 4 has encountered notwithstanding, this collection of content looks fairly interesting. The addition of snowmobiles, winter bases and snowy mountain ranges reminds us so much of single player missions from other first person shooter franchises, yet manages to fit their scope inside of multiplayer maps. Plus, with the addition of hovertanks, land combat on slippery terrain should be a concern of the past.

Played over 4 new multiplayer maps (Operation Whiteout, Hangar 21, Hammerhead and Giants of Karelia), it should be the final addition to the DLC expansion series that Battlefield 4 has been announced to include. With a delay of Battlefield Hardline going into early next year, this stopgap DLC will look to remind players about the large-scale maps, tactical team-based gameplay and vast variety of weapons and vehicles that the series has enjoyed. The amount of doubt cast onto the series’ ability to launch content without a hitch is still a concern.

Battlefield 4 DLC expansion “Final Stand” will be released as a standalone DLC on December 2nd.

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