Battlefield Hardline Coming March 17th


Battlefield: Hardline was originally supposed to be out this year, contending with the likes of Destiny & Call Of Duty for FPS fans hard earned dollars. Then it was delayed until some vague time in 2015 to “add more innovation” after player feedback from a beta for the game. Now we know when in 2015.

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Battlefield: Hardline is now due out March 17th 2015, which assuming everybody isn’t still obsessed with Evolve, (which comes out a month prior) leaves it a pretty wide berth as it won’t be directly competing with any other big FPS titles to my knowledge. That still makes a heavily frontloaded first few months of 2015 though with games like Battlefield: Hardline, Witcher 3 & Evolve all hitting in the first 3 months. Battlefield: Hardline is coming to Xbox One, PS4, PS3, 360 & PS3.


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