PlayStation Vue Seemingly Looks To Counter Cable Packages


I am proud to say that I have cut the cord here in the frozen tundra/cable company oligarchy that is Canada. I am even more excited that companies like Sony are planning to make it a lot easier for the rest that currently are subject to the 20th Century way of watching serialized and episodic programming. PlayStation Vue, as announced today and reported by USA Today, is the name of the subscription cloud TV service platform with the lofty goal.

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Sony plans on soft-launching PlayStation Vue in Early 2015 in New York, Phiiladelphia, Chicago and Los Angeles, first through the PS4 and PS3 as an app and later for the iPad and other devices. As the service becomes more developed, it should be released to a greater market in 2015 and beyond. Right now, Sony has partnered with six major TV conglomerates and will include roughly 75 channels worth of on-demand, cable TV network and live local broadcast programming. Such channels include Comedy Central, Animal Planet, Food Network, Syfy and Nickelodeon, while they are still working with Disney to bring ABC and ESPN to their service.

Unfortunately, they have not released their “competitive” subscription fee for the service, and that is where PlayStation Vue’s viability comes into question. As much as I like the idea of cloud-based services that get around obnoxious package bundling that cable companies essentially require, PlayStation Now’s cloud-based gaming service has not been a good pricing barometer.

Sony should know that while cable-cutting TV programming services are a fairly new concept, the market is rapidly expanding. They need to get the pricing for PlayStation Vue right in order to shore up enough consumers required to make this likely-costly venture worth it. They can’t keep affording to make mistakes anymore, even if the PS4 in particular is doing well now.

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