South Park Is Tackling Oculus Rift This Week


Man, South Park is really starting to go ham when it comes to covering video games in their show. Last week’s episode was about freemium games, while last season contained a three-part story arc covering the “console war” between PS4 and Xbox One on Black Friday. Now it appears as though Matt Stone and Trey Parker will keep the ball rolling with a new episode Wednesday, November 12th at 10 PM EST, covering the Oculus Rift.

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The South Park episode is titled “Grounded Vindaloop,” perhaps referencing loops in augmented reality (that an Oculus Rift could provide). “Butters is convinced that he’s living in a virtual reality,” the release reveals of the episode’s synopsis. “When he suddenly goes rogue and wreaks havoc at home and all over South Park, everyone struggles to figure out what’s real.”

There’s no doubt in my mind that however Butters got into tomorrow night’s predicament, it is ultimately Cartman’s fault. Either way, it will be interesting to see the approach South Park takes when covering Oculus Rift. Seeing how Oculus VR was bought out by Facebook for $2 billion, there are a lot of possible narrative routes the episode could take. Will the creators use the device to speak politically about the nature of virtual reality, or will they simple use the Oculus Rift to frame the basis of the episode’s comedy (that doesn’t necessary decry its use in gaming or real life)?

The quality of this season of South Park overall is quite refreshing, so I have full trust in the creators to get the job done well once again.

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