the expected $200 million in revenue it was thought to bring in, Kim K..."/> the expected $200 million in revenue it was thought to bring in, Kim K..."/>

That Kim Kardashian Game Made A Depressing Amount Of Cash


Though it’s not the expected $200 million in revenue it was thought to bring in, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is still bringing in a lot of cash this past quarter. As revealed in an earnings call report for Glu Mobile (who developed the game), the Kardashian “do anything to become famous” free-to-play simulator earned $43.4 million in revenue during the span of July 1st to September 30th.

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It’s a lot more than this type of game should be making. No, I’m not specifically speaking about the usage of Kim Kardashian’s likeness as the only reason why people are even playing in the first place (although it is the reason why we’re talking about it). It is because the freemium sensibilities of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood make it outright boring, unless you spend cash to advance the game.

The above video looks at the first 66 minutes of the game, and was released as promotional footage. Whoever made it thought it was a great idea to show your character staring blankly at their date for 30 minutes towards the end, as you wait for your action boosts to fill up over time. That alone should turn off prospective players from spending time with the game, even if they crave fame as much as your protagonist is set out to accomplish.

This news could not come at a more opportune time to share for you a lesson learned from an episode of South Park. They covered freemium games in their most episode, and how the business model leeches on the addictive natures of humanity. While some would argue that Kim Kardashian: Hollywood was not designed to be as evil as depicted throughout that show, it is still important to learn about why these games exist in the first place.

h/t Daily Dot

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