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New Tony Hawk Game Coming To Consoles In 2015


NeverSoft may be dead, but the Tony Hawk experience may live on. The 46 (!) year-old skateboarding legend tweeted out over the weekend that he is collaborating with Activision to get a new game out for consoles by the end of 2015, in addition to a new mobile game (yawn).

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This new Tony Hawk news doesn’t come without consequences, however, as Mr. Hawk had also revealed that Tony Hawk’s Shred Session, which had been in development and soft launched earlier in the year, has been put on hold indefinitely. It’s a small price to pay, however, if it means seeing a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater game launch strictly on the PS4 and Xbox One!

My only hope for this new Tony Hawk game is that it relies more on what made the series excellent in its first three or four iterations, instead of going abandoning its core for cheap tricks. Whoever Activision finds to develop this game should at least make this new game feel as genuine to the scene as it was back then, with the grimy punk feel that acts legitimate. Additionally, as music licencing issues become more and more detailed and intricate, hopefully streaming options for such a game aren’t removed, either!

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