Neversoft Uses Cleansing Fire To Burn The Eye On Final Day


Yesterday was the final day of Neversoft, on the heels of finally merging with Infinity Ward to create one super studio. To celebrate the good old times of wanting to be a Superman and when they were destroying the world in the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater heydays, studio team members decided to burn an effigy in the form of their company mascot; the infamous eye that was ultimately pierced in said Tony Hawk video games’ opening loading screens.

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Additionally, as a parting gift, Neversoft founder Joel Jewett handed out studio employees huge knives branded with the Neversoft logo. It appears to have a wood-crafted handle and a gold-plated base in which the knife sits, proving to be quite an awesome-looking departure gift to remember the studio by for all eternity. Now THAT is a knife!

It’s always said to say goodbye. Hopefully Neversoft employees handle the merger well, and continue to double their efforts to create cutting edge gameplay in whatever they work on in the future. Even if it does turn out to be a triannual Call of Duty game, the added development time will sure to provide more breathing room for innovation at the company. For now, let’s commemorate the good times with this:

h/t Destructoid


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