GameStop Managers Cry As Battletoads Trademark Filed


In what looks to be a more legitimate trademark filing than last week’s Fallout 4 2: Electic Boogaloo shenanigans, Microsoft has supposedly filed a trademark for Battletoads in the United States. And they would have gotten away with that secret, too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids on NeoGAF, with a user spotting the trademark filing there.

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Should Microsoft release a new Battletoads game, it will be a day of moral defeat for GameStop managers and employees nationwide. What was once a time-forgotten pastime of calling up GameStop stores asking for Battletoads will be renewed again. Perhaps even the boys from Pawn Stars (language warning) will be hearing some more calls in the near future, should a Microsoft-published Battletoads game be released.

All I know is that should such a day come, hopefully it will mean that Rare is developing something that isn’t a Kinect peripheral game. As much as I found my short time with Kinect Sports Rivals interesting, seeing such a great studio continue to have its potential stifled is such a shame. Moreso when you look back at some of the great Nintendo games created during the 90’s. Rare developing a new Battletoads game would be outstanding to hear!

We will continue to look at this Battletoads trademark filing by Microsoft and update our story as it progresses. For now, since there is no official word from Microsoft, this story should be regarded as a rumor.

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