(Update) Fallout: Shadow of Boston Is Not Legit


UPDATE: I was right to be skeptical about this news, as Bethesda has confirmed the Fallout: Shadow of Boston trademark filing was a hoax. A lesson to be learned: we will never have nice things (until Bethesda tells us themselves).

ORIGINAL: Whenever there’s trademark news about beloved franchises, there should also be caution. Caution about not to get too excited, as it can turn out to be merely nothing but disappointment. But, for now, our trademark news attention is focused on Bethesda’s Fallout franchise. A NeoGAF user spotted that a trademark for Fallout: Shadow of Boston has been submitted to the patent office in Germany.

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The Fallout trademark submission covers the usual classification; computer game discs, downloadable computer game programs, computer game programs downloaded via the internet, etc. However, the inclusion of “auditioning for tv game shows” adds a bit more intrigue to the proceedings.

Whether or not the trademark is legitimate is to be discussed. A Fallout game in Boston was leaked to Kotaku late last year, providing insights into a script for a game in a region where Bethesda employees had reportedly previously done research for. Interest in any morsel of information is at a peak right now, especially after the Fallout 4 teaser website turned out to be a disappointing, elaborate fake. Additionally, there is nothing to be found in the US patent office for such a trademark, and European trademarks are discovered to be fakes all the time. Even including Fallout 4 trademarks.

However, with VGX 2014 right around the corner, and host/organizer Geoff Keighley meeting with “the ladies who run Bethesda” for “planning” as recently as two weeks ago, there certainly is a tinge of credibility to the Fallout trademark filing. Plus, the person being missed by Keighley is Pete Hines, VP of Bethesda. I really, truly want to be excited about a new Fallout game, however I need to see the receipts (be it in trailer or gameplay form) before that process can begin.

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